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There are millions of people on the planet who prefer playing slots for real money. The payout percentages of slot machines are unlike any other game. Both online and offline, these games offer a great chance at winning and have a great house edge. These are the easiest games to play. There is a real potential for a big jackpot.

Here are the best slot machines with great payouts.

These are the best slot machines that have great reviews about their payouts. These games would never disappoint you.

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Gladiator slot

This game was released a decade ago and is based around the film, Gladiator. It is from the company Playtech and it is one of the most popular slots games with its progressive jackpots. When playing online, it has a high payout percentage but a high wagering requirement.


The game is based on the Egyptian theme and there is a chance of timing more than ten thousand times of the original bet. No wonder it is a favourite among seasoned casino players. When playing online, you can even play with live dealers and avail yourself the various banking options.

Mega Moolah Slot

This game is considered the best slot game of all with its simple game of 25 pay lines. In fact, it holds a place in history due to the biggest jackpot a player has won. The fun theme of the game, with its rock-solid RTP, makes it a player favourite among slot lovers.

Gold fish

You get to witness the beautiful coral reefs with exciting and uplifting music. These features that have been developed by Scientific Gaming still remains in the top ten most-played casino games ever. This ocean-themed fun is truly the one to watch out for.

Book of 99

This game is based around Greek mythology, and the unique selling point of this game is its big winning potential. The RTP is 99%, which is the highest ever one would find in the games of slot. This is reason enough to just begin playing this game.

Book of 99

In conclusion

So, be it a real casino or an online casino, slots are literally your best bet of winning. These games cannot be rigged if the platform is genuine and the outcome is unpredictable. The whole game is random and every spin gives a unique output. So, rest assured, it would be fair play, no matter the platform you choose. Ensure that you take a good look at the RTP of that particular game before proceeding so that you are aware of your winning odds.